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Major Lazer “Keep it Going Louder”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Posted for the video more than anything – its class
Dont get me wrong its a catchy little tune but you have to wonder why they bothered with the “lyrics”.
one more thing Major Lazer is Diplo and Switch. Switch? this Switch?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Answers on a postcard

Impatient Stop Lights?

Ok so I like to drive but I resent sitting around at the mercy of 3 lights that claim my full attention for an unspecified amount of time. I need a number for instance i dislike adverts but i know on channel 4 adverts last roughly 4 minutes (cheers Davina) and somehow knowing how long the adverts are going to take is comforting – I know i have time to make toast or run to the corner shop to buy coke.
But those traffic lights they have us by the balls or atleast they did, Untill Now!

I present to you the ‘Eko Stoplight by Damjan Stankovic

As you can see it simply has a timer that runs around the edge of the stop light what a moment of genius!
the only negative i can come up with is loosing the great feeling of slowly rolling up to a traffic light and using the force to make it change to amber in the presence of another.

Lazy Prick (2009)

I wish I could lie and say I have been busy………but I have not, what happened is – Pro Evo, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed Lots of sleeping and the ardous task of adding the year of release on to all my albums e.g

The Smurfs – The Smurfs Go Pop! (1996)

I should point out I have ripped literally every cd I have laid my eyes on since The Great Hard Drive explosion of 2004 so The Smurfs should not be regarded as my favourite band. Although let the record show I think “mr Smurftastic” is an absolute corker.

Anyway laziness over back on the grindstone I have 2 websites to complete 1 of which i hope to get done within a fortnight and the other which depends on my learning of PHP so lets say April for that one!

That was a bit diary like.

Chromeo – Night by Night


Chromeo are probably the greatest Canadians ever! high praise when you consider the only other great Canadians who are Constable Benton Fraser his wolf Diefenbaker, Bryan Adams and Terrence and Phillip.

They describe their music as “a shameless return to the glistening, sex-saturated synth-pop which ruled the eighties.” Cant think of a better way to describe it really
They have 2 excellent albums ‘Shes in control’ (i think) and ‘fancy footwork’ which are both at the very least worth a download.

Anyway what a long way to tell you that they have an sweet new song out the Disco inspired Night by Night click the art to ave a listen on zippyshare!

Dizzee Rascal – Tounge ‘N’ Cheek

Dizzee Rascal  - Tongue N' Cheek [Front]

New Rasket some good stuff on here actually. He even has a song about pro evo and it seems he is a member of the winner stays on church click the album art to D/L STANDARD BLUUUD!!

Superduper Aussie Cantilever


In the words of the immortal Jay-z “Oh Wow”.
Im always down for a bit of Cantilevered action. I don’t get anywhere near enough in fact I don’t think there is any such thing as enough, So if any Architects are reading do your part please.
Anyway back to this one! Sandcrawler anyone?


For a more insightful and serious opinion please click HERE!
and here is the Architect’s website

Edwin Ushiro “Softly Encompassing the Womb”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Really enjoyed the style of this guys illustrations somewhere between ukiyo-e and superflat.
if you like this you should also google Gez Fry he is also excellent, In fact I will do it for you lazy pants just click here.


I have been trying these out this week (only at home I dont think outside is ready for them yet!) but Life is indeed better in 2d. Just think about it for a second Classic Street fighter 2 turbo or Street fighter 4? Mario on the nes or Mario on the N64? its pretty obvious. All i need now is some kind of lens to pixelate everything.
FUCK 3D is the first Speed Project by Aram Bartholl
of F.A.T.

Jay-Z – Blueprint 3


Jay-z’s latest album havent finished listening myself yet but in my opinion he has never ever released a bad album so you probably should download it!
As always click the album art to download!

Update the album is excellent except the swizz beatz track which is shit.

here are some extra tracks that didn’t make the album for whatever reason