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Edwin Ushiro “Softly Encompassing the Womb”

Really enjoyed the style of this guys illustrations somewhere between ukiyo-e and superflat. if you like this you should also google Gez Fry he is also excellent, In fact I will do it for you lazy pants just click here. ENJOY!


I have been trying these out this week (only at home I dont think outside is ready for them yet!) but Life is indeed better in 2d. Just think about it for a second Classic Street fighter 2 turbo or Street fighter 4? Mario on the nes or Mario on the N64? its pretty obvious. […]


This guy has talent love his style and love the fact all his art is done on poly coffee cups- Its bloody hard to draw on them trust me i have tried. Nothing ever lines up nicely anyway click HERE to see the rest of the collection

Daily Inspiration

Found this in abduzeedo’s Daily inspiration section its by a guy called Fabiano and it did inspire me it inspired me to chuckle! check pout the rest of inspiration HERE

Flash Explosion

By Rafaël Rozendaal. Flash rocks

Stardust 2009 Reel

“’s campaign video, featuing their several greatest projects”. What a roll! there is something for everyone in there.

Orange Solar Tent

This Tent a concept By Orange – yes the french mobile provider “the futures bright, the futures orange” that lot, its probably the coolest tent ever! and I quote “The solar-powered tent contains photovoltaic fabric to generate solar energy, a rocking heated groundsheet, wireless hub and magnetic induction charging pouch. The innovative ‘glo-cation technology’ of […]

Breeze reflection

A movement sensitive wall……. ah just watch the video! its by a guy called Djeff

Sigg Jones & The Magic Dunk

An upcoming animated film by 3 french fellas Sneakers / Trainers (depending where your from) play a big pat in the film. Im very much looking forward to seeing this one.I especially like that he starts off in low top dunks and when they have super powers they become Highs if thats not justification for […]

Polar Panorama Photography

I like the look of this might have a crack later.