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Impatient Stop Lights?

Ok so I like to drive but I resent sitting around at the mercy of 3 lights that claim my full attention for an unspecified amount of time. I need a number for instance i dislike adverts but i know on channel 4 adverts last roughly 4 minutes (cheers Davina) and somehow knowing how long […]

The end is nigh

Yep its coming when they start teaching robots how operate high performance vehicles, I’ve seen the new terminator and I dont like where this going at all. This particular Terminator sorry i mean robot has been give a super friendly name ‘Flossie’ and its purpose is to ride motorbikes in extreme weather conditions without fatigue.

Eyes of a Terminator

Almost all Sci-Fi films have a cool headset that give a heads up display, nobody really knows what they are seeing through the monochromatic color scheme – But it looks cool. I have always wanted that kind of info beamed straight to my eyeball. This could be like pop up video for everyday life- sadly […]

Dyson Energy Concept

Energy Storage solution designed by Dyson. Somehow it “produces electricity in the ambient air” it then stores it in a Li-Po battery it can then be used to give anything a power boost using mini usb. No info on how much juice it can provide yet so you may have to wear these all up […]

Electronic Ruler

Exactly What in says – an Electronic Ruler designed by Shay Shafranek and Oded Webman.It can measure lines as you draw them measure from 2 points and even calculate scale for you. Not sure is like drawing lines blind but if i was still at architecture school i would definitely get one of these to […]

Orange Solar Tent

This Tent a concept By Orange – yes the french mobile provider “the futures bright, the futures orange” that lot, its probably the coolest tent ever! and I quote “The solar-powered tent contains photovoltaic fabric to generate solar energy, a rocking heated groundsheet, wireless hub and magnetic induction charging pouch. The innovative ‘glo-cation technology’ of […]

Folding Plug

Min-Kyu Choi a graduate from the Royal College of Art has designed a folding version of the standard UK electrical plug. This is a genius idea I could get rid of the crazy amount of extension sockets i have after a quick head count i have 20 active plugs and that takes up a lot […]