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I have been trying these out this week (only at home I dont think outside is ready for them yet!) but Life is indeed better in 2d. Just think about it for a second Classic Street fighter 2 turbo or Street fighter 4? Mario on the nes or Mario on the N64? its pretty obvious. […]

Dyson Energy Concept

Energy Storage solution designed by Dyson. Somehow it “produces electricity in the ambient air” it then stores it in a Li-Po battery it can then be used to give anything a power boost using mini usb. No info on how much juice it can provide yet so you may have to wear these all up […]

Empire33 Custer and Musashi Bags

If I was a Lady i would definitely cop one of these check their website for more info

Kanye’s kicks

Some new trainers from Kanye’s Vuitton line, it as to be said they are all trash except the third ones down – you know the ones with pink soles.