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I HAVE MOVED!!!!!!!!!!

To a prettier place with better neighbours and schools Please visit me Advertisements

Lazy Prick (2009)

I wish I could lie and say I have been busy………but I have not, what happened is – Pro Evo, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed Lots of sleeping and the ardous task of adding the year of release on to all my albums e.g The Smurfs – The Smurfs Go Pop! (1996) I should point […]

Albums you should probably own #2

Modeselektor – Happy Birthday! (2007) if you want to hear some Happy metal, hard rap, country-ambient and Russian crunk this is the only album for you. Genre jokes aside this is a quality album they have covered a scooter song and actually made it good (hyper hyper and give it a chance). Consistently awesome bass […]

Electronic Ruler

Exactly What in says – an Electronic Ruler designed by Shay Shafranek and Oded Webman.It can measure lines as you draw them measure from 2 points and even calculate scale for you. Not sure is like drawing lines blind but if i was still at architecture school i would definitely get one of these to […]