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Impatient Stop Lights?

Ok so I like to drive but I resent sitting around at the mercy of 3 lights that claim my full attention for an unspecified amount of time. I need a number for instance i dislike adverts but i know on channel 4 adverts last roughly 4 minutes (cheers Davina) and somehow knowing how long […]

Superduper Aussie Cantilever

In the words of the immortal Jay-z “Oh Wow”. Im always down for a bit of Cantilevered action. I don’t get anywhere near enough in fact I don’t think there is any such thing as enough, So if any Architects are reading do your part please. Anyway back to this one! Sandcrawler anyone? For a […]

The end is nigh

Yep its coming when they start teaching robots how operate high performance vehicles, I’ve seen the new terminator and I dont like where this going at all. This particular Terminator sorry i mean robot has been give a super friendly name ‘Flossie’ and its purpose is to ride motorbikes in extreme weather conditions without fatigue.

Horten 2-29

In 1944 the nazis built one of these bad boys. it never got past the first prototype but i think we may all be speaking german had it of done. The first stealth fighter ever and a stylish one at that made from wood and capable of speeds upto 600mph. They were equipped with 4 […]