Un petit mix pour toi


I felt inspired to do a set so after a lengthy search for music and a couple of false starts this is what I have.

all but one of the songs are French don’t let that put you off though!


01 Danger – 19h11
02 Pryda – Miami to Atlanta
03 DJ Mehdi – Pocket Piano
04 Data – One in a million (Drixxxe Remix)
05 Danger – 07_46
06 Sebastian Tellier – Divine (Danger Remix)
07 Omnikrom – Danse la poutine (Feat TTC)
08 Stereoheroes – Lamborghini Lungs (Spoek & CV)
09 SebastiAn – Momy

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This guy has talent love his style and love the fact all his art is done on poly coffee cups- Its bloody hard to draw on them trust me i have tried.
Nothing ever lines up nicely anyway click HERE to see the rest of the collection

Albums you should probably own #2

Modeselektor – Happy Birthday! (2007)


if you want to hear some Happy metal, hard rap, country-ambient and Russian crunk this is the only album for you. Genre jokes aside this is a quality album they have covered a scooter song and actually made it good (hyper hyper and give it a chance). Consistently awesome bass lines Guest apperances from Thom Yorke and my favourite french group TTC (more on them later) are all excellent reasons why you should click the album art to download the full album.

My 2 favourite songs atm

Neither of these songs are new, perhaps new-ish but they are just working for me this week and i thought i should share the wealth.

The Girl and the Robot by Röyksopp
I have been caning this for a month at first i thought it was just a novelty I enjoy robots so why not a song about one? but my enjoyment has not waned in fact I think I enjoy it more now. Even Robyn and her ridiculous quiff aren’t enough to put me off.
The greatness is instant a fade to grey esque opening with a gaggle of tormented singing robots then is that annie lennox at 0:15? “a demented, choral, electronic masterpiece”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

click here to download the mp3

Next up is a Duo by the name of N.A.S.A. with a song called gifted featuring a super special guest appearance by none other than Kanye. I had no idea this song had been released as i pay no attention to the radio or mtv only found out about it whilst scouting for new songs to work into a set (coming soon!).

Electronic music and Rap together makes me happy The chorus at 2:09 is what I especially like though its just so bloody infectious the keyboard melody that runs through said chorus is also excellent
have a look and listen for yourself!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

click here to download the mp3

The end is nigh


Yep its coming when they start teaching robots how operate high performance vehicles, I’ve seen the new terminator and I dont like where this going at all.
This particular Terminator sorry i mean robot has been give a super friendly name ‘Flossie’ and its purpose is to ride motorbikes in extreme weather conditions without fatigue.

Daily Inspiration @abduzeedo.com


Found this in abduzeedo’s Daily inspiration section its by a guy called Fabiano and it did inspire me it inspired me to chuckle!
check pout the rest of inspiration HERE

Becoming an Architect

Vodpod videos no longer available.

wish i had known this 5 years ago. I probably wouldn’t of listened to ever was telling me but still would of liked the heads up!

Flash Explosion

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By Rafaël Rozendaal. Flash rocks

Stardust 2009 Reel

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“stardust.tv’s campaign video, featuing their several greatest projects”.

What a roll! there is something for everyone in there.

See-Through Concrete




Litracon are a company on a mission to change the image of concrete

“Filled with optical fibers that run from one end of a poured piece of concrete to the other, these prefabricated blocks and panels effectively transmit light from one side to the other. Colors and light remain remarkably consistent from end to end, but with a natural variation from the pouring process that actually softens the effects considerably”.

This seems like such a simple idea i cant understand why it hasn’t been done before – isn’t that always the case. I look forward to seeing this in different applications.