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This guy has talent love his style and love the fact all his art is done on poly coffee cups- Its bloody hard to draw on them trust me i have tried. Nothing ever lines up nicely anyway click HERE to see the rest of the collection Advertisements

Daily Inspiration @abduzeedo.com

Found this in abduzeedo’s Daily inspiration section its by a guy called Fabiano and it did inspire me it inspired me to chuckle! check pout the rest of inspiration HERE

Flash Explosion

By Rafaël Rozendaal. Flash rocks

Stardust 2009 Reel

“stardust.tv’s campaign video, featuing their several greatest projects”. What a roll! there is something for everyone in there.

Polar Panorama Photography

I like the look of this might have a crack later.


Underwater Photography by Mark Mawson.

Tattoo’d Schwein

Apparently this guy has been tatting up pigs since the early 90’s recently he went to China and set up an art farm they seem more keen on tattoo’d pigs. this what probably would of happened in “Babe pig in the city” if  it had of been longer