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This guy has talent love his style and love the fact all his art is done on poly coffee cups- Its bloody hard to draw on them trust me i have tried. Nothing ever lines up nicely anyway click HERE to see the rest of the collection Advertisements

The end is nigh

Yep its coming when they start teaching robots how operate high performance vehicles, I’ve seen the new terminator and I dont like where this going at all. This particular Terminator sorry i mean robot has been give a super friendly name ‘Flossie’ and its purpose is to ride motorbikes in extreme weather conditions without fatigue.

Flash Explosion

By Rafaël Rozendaal. Flash rocks

Stardust 2009 Reel

“stardust.tv’s campaign video, featuing their several greatest projects”. What a roll! there is something for everyone in there.

See-Through Concrete

Litracon are a company on a mission to change the image of concrete “Filled with optical fibers that run from one end of a poured piece of concrete to the other, these prefabricated blocks and panels effectively transmit light from one side to the other. Colors and light remain remarkably consistent from end to end, […]

Eyes of a Terminator

Almost all Sci-Fi films have a cool headset that give a heads up display, nobody really knows what they are seeing through the monochromatic color scheme – But it looks cool. I have always wanted that kind of info beamed straight to my eyeball. This could be like pop up video for everyday life- sadly […]

Electronic Ruler

Exactly What in says – an Electronic Ruler designed by Shay Shafranek and Oded Webman.It can measure lines as you draw them measure from 2 points and even calculate scale for you. Not sure is like drawing lines blind but if i was still at architecture school i would definitely get one of these to […]

Pyramid house in Hiroshima

I have never seen a residential property like this but I love it. I wish all houses were as unique as this instead I live in a country where we still build houses to look like the old houses next to them Death to mock tudor! This house was built in SaJi, Hiroshima. Designed by […]

Orange Solar Tent

This Tent a concept By Orange – yes the french mobile provider “the futures bright, the futures orange” that lot, its probably the coolest tent ever! and I quote “The solar-powered tent contains photovoltaic fabric to generate solar energy, a rocking heated groundsheet, wireless hub and magnetic induction charging pouch. The innovative ‘glo-cation technology’ of […]

Folding Plug

Min-Kyu Choi a graduate from the Royal College of Art has designed a folding version of the standard UK electrical plug. This is a genius idea I could get rid of the crazy amount of extension sockets i have after a quick head count i have 20 active plugs and that takes up a lot […]