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Albums you should probably own #1

Fujifabric – FAB FOX (2005) One of my Fave albums of all time I make literally everyone i meet listen to it and you should to! Just click the album art to download!

Pyramid house in Hiroshima

I have never seen a residential property like this but I love it. I wish all houses were as unique as this instead I live in a country where we still build houses to look like the old houses next to them Death to mock tudor! This house was built in SaJi, Hiroshima. Designed by […]


LOL this film looks a lot of fun cant wait to see it

Ouendan 2

Ouendan 2 Soundtrack in 2 parts Linkidus 1 Linkidus 2

Dancing Living House

The Dancing Living House was designed by Junichi Sampei. I wish i could spend my days in that building

Pink Gundam

For the Lady Gundam fan!