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Major Lazer “Keep it Going Louder”

Posted for the video more than anything – its class Dont get me wrong its a catchy little tune but you have to wonder why they bothered with the “lyrics”. one more thing Major Lazer is Diplo and Switch. Switch? this Switch? Answers on a postcard Advertisements

Jay-Z – Blueprint 3

Jay-z’s latest album havent finished listening myself yet but in my opinion he has never ever released a bad album so you probably should download it! As always click the album art to download! Update the album is excellent except the swizz beatz track which is shit. here are some extra tracks that didn’t make […]

Un petit mix pour toi

I felt inspired to do a set so after a lengthy search for music and a couple of false starts this is what I have. all but one of the songs are French don’t let that put you off though! Tracklist 01 Danger – 19h11 02 Pryda – Miami to Atlanta 03 DJ Mehdi – […]

My 2 favourite songs atm

Neither of these songs are new, perhaps new-ish but they are just working for me this week and i thought i should share the wealth. The Girl and the Robot by R√∂yksopp I have been caning this for a month at first i thought it was just a novelty I enjoy robots so why not […]

Daily Inspiration @abduzeedo.com

Found this in abduzeedo’s Daily inspiration section its by a guy called Fabiano and it did inspire me it inspired me to chuckle! check pout the rest of inspiration HERE

Albums you should probably own #1

Fujifabric – FAB FOX (2005) One of my Fave albums of all time I make literally everyone i meet listen to it and you should to! Just click the album art to download!

2NE1: FIRE both videos

I love my asian music and once a month i cain the tracker at jpopsuki for all the music videos. 2NE1 – Fire first up is the “space version” followed by the “street version” which version do you like the best? South Korea is just to cool atm 2ne1, the wonder girls. bigbang and lee […]

Michael Jackson

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last week im sure you are aware that Michael Jackson has passed away. In that week we have seen almost everyones opinion of him change from villain to “legend” he has pretty much taken over itunes and even managed to shut down google and twitter. […]

Drake – Best I Ever Had

Directed by Kanye “fishsticks” West The song is quite nice Poxy vocoder all over the chorus but if i let that bother me i would be living in silence.Best moment about three quarters of the way through Drake calls a timeout and gives a little speech one of the girls says “but drake all you […]

The Clipse ft. Pharrel – Eyes on me

listen here